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of texas in the last five years. roughly one million lost jobs in california. it is amazing. one of the points i made for writing a book on this, what we are seeing is one of the great wealth transfers in american history geographically from states like california that do not get it right, and my state, and states that do get it right, like texas. this is one reason to be bullish on the future of texas. one of the interesting things is texas does a much better job, in my opinion, of economically assimilating immigrants so they are successful here. california is more of a welfare state. it indoctrinates immigrants into the welfare system at a much higher pace than texas does. people come to texas for jobs. people go to california for welfare. you are seeing the differing economic outcomes as a result. texas is the model other states should be emulating. >> stephen moore from a recent discussion we covered. when you see some of those clips, the video portions, you can see them all in our video library. he was comparing jobs in california and texas. we will go to texas next. john, o
hit new york... and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ cool temperatures today bought 25 years ago a lot hotter. a it was the first night game at wrigley field and we had a 100 degree heat index. and then there was massive rain. everybody cut up in the stands in the fourth inning and cheered because the cool air hit. that was something look at this. this happened at 1230 in the morning a nighttime tornado that rips out of the darkness. trinity lutheran school in new london wisconsin hit by a powerful thunderstorm spirit that tornado watches ef2 later went to apple to wisconsinpleton, wisconsin. some great pictures tonight. thank-you to all our viewers for these pictures. this is a storm that hit yesterday. and the shot is the alaskan glaciers. kelly who works with united airlines sent this. one of our intern's, rebecca, sent tgave this to us m kelly. if you are firmly planted on terra firma to day, look how sharp this is spirit things dropped 20 degrees. cooler. no 90s today. ra
psychiatrist admitted he opened fire at the texas army base in 2009, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. casey stiegel is live at fort hood, texas. casey, hasan still not cross-examining his witnesss? >> reporter: , no, patti ann, he is isn't. i was in the courtroom. i had a chance to study him. he looked down at the table most of the time. when the judge addresses him he is very respectful, yes, ma'am, no, ma'am. but as these witnesses are giving gut-wrenching testimony, he mostly stairs at the table and doesn't make any kind of eye contact with them. major hasan had a relatively bizarre interruption of court yesterday. it came during some of the most horrific testimony we heard thus far. the sergeant who supervised the medical facility where the shooting happened was on the stand. she was in middle of describing a scene of non-stop gunshots and chaos, when hasan randomly interrupted and objected asked please be reminded she was under oath. clearly she was under oath. she had already sworn in. so everyone kind of moved on. when it comes to the cross-examination of these witnesses not r
with your politics, but don't get me started on austin, texas, ie, romney country. >> it is southern. >> but it is -- >> but what came first, the southernness? the southern people welcomed the liberals to austin, thank you very much. >> it is their safe haven. >> it is not new haven. it is a safe haven. >> it is the only texas city. and that is the only one that is not liberal. >> why are you looking at my notes? >> you have a list of the things. the friendliest places are all chemical. sonoma, wine country, austin, texas, what is it if it is not weed country. it is the right, nay, the desire to ged f-ed up in an agreeable environment and that is the friendliest. >> i agree with you on this. i only travel to get drunk. that's all -- >> you get drunk while traveling. >> yes. destinations are for new bars and for walking around and falling asleep uncomfortable. >> that's like my dumpster hoping. >> you can't do that in detroit. >> detroit deserves to have unfriendly residents right now. i don't even think it has to do with politics. it has to do with -- well. it has to do with politic
the moisture across sections of kansas and missouri a big area of high pressure over parts of texas and also louisiana helping produce the showers and storms as well. just in the past 48-hours in the past two-days areas have seen over a foot of rain over sections of missouri parts of arkansas the same across sections of oklahoma and kansas in a short amount of time. the last several days saturday into sunday you are expecting more rain out here locally over 6 inches of rain will be possible. flooding is a major concern. we want to update you. the national hurricane center updated the outlook through out the rest of the summer into snowfall. we are thinking it may be less or lower in terms of the extended outlook in terms of how many storms they are predicting. category 3 or above. pretty significant because it's still above average. >> fewer in previous years? >> fewer than previously forecasted in the beginning of the season. stim abo still above average. >> a chilling facebook that says i am going to prison. after shooting his wife jennifer alfonso dead. derek medina posted a picture of he
because of the security threat. the partnerships thousands of miles in the making. how china and texas are working together to form better business relations. >> a suicide bomber killed at least 30 people at a funeral in southwestern pakistan. 200 feet deep -- 250 people were gathered outside a mosque to remember a police officer who was shot and killed on thursday in front of his children. the bombing is also one of a series of targeting -- attacks targeting security forces in pakistan. no one has claimed responsibility. israel has announced lance to add 900 new housing units to a west bank settlement. for more on that, we go live to tel aviv. what prompted this announcement? >> it seems to be the type of announcement that repeats itself. it is a scenario that has repeated itself over and over again what it comes to the tenuous process of the negotiations. palestinian negotiators have asked for a settlement building freeze. as a precondition to talks. whenever there is an advance in negotiations or the possibility of negotiations, at the same time, plans to build on palestinian land o
hanging over the center of the nation again today. >> right now, it's raining from texas to the northeast. and in missouri, rescue teams were out in full force, searching for friends and family members. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it was a dramatic scene that had two tennessee parents in a panic. little lauren, rescued from her family's attic by firefighters. her father, in shock. >> next thing you know, we're in the attic, trying to get the baby upstairs. and it's hard. it's scary. you don't know what the water's going to do. so -- lose a home. >> reporter: firefighters wading through that chest-high water, clutching on to baby lauren's carrier to get her to safety. >> it was emotional. you know, you see your baby. and she's a newborn. how are you going to do this? what are you going to do to get us out? >> reporter: across the nashville area, swollen creeks caused flash flooding, forcing some to the safety of their roofs. and leaving cars floating on streets. rescue teams fanned out, fighting the fast-moving waters, to get people out. not just tennessee. from arkansas, to miss
gas reduction and that's it, an unbundled rec from a wind farm in texas is going to lead to the same amount of carbon reduction as an unbundled rec from a wind farm in the delta or solar panel in san francisco. however, if your policy goals include local air issues, local job issues, economic development, then it does start to matter where the rec comes from. again, it doesn't necessarily matter if it's bundled or unbundled, but it does matter what type of resource it was associated with. that gets you to the california law, which it does apply to any cca that's created up to 33%. from that, the recs, there's three buckets in there, the two most important buckets are bucket 1 and bucket 3. bucket 1 says it has to be an unbundled or a bundled transaction from a facility that can deliver electricity in the california or located in the california. so, no unbundled rec in bucket 1. bucket 3 is unbundled recs and some other things in there, and the percentages that are attached to those over time, most importantly by 2020 no more than 10% of unbundled recs can be in that 33% procurement.
. >>> also in texas, a brand-new development in the request of the stand-by attorneys of an army major to actually change their role in the defense regarding the court-martial of nidal hasan at ft. hood, texas. in that court-martial, his stand-by attorneys are now asking a higher court to allow them to alter this whole shattered attorney situation and their participation in the trial given that he's defending himself and i think it's fair to say he's not doing a very good job of it suggesting he's the shooter right off the bat. but if granted, it would override the rejection of their request just yesterday, kind of like a big appeal. as you probably already know, hasan is acting as his own attorney and acting very strangely. he's accused of 13 murders, killing 13 people at ft. hood, texas, four years ago. what it's like when you have a client defending himself and you have to sit there and watch it, defense attorney chris hadad who was in a notorious murder trial in 2007. first of all, it's great to have you. you're a perfect guest to weigh in on what these attorneys at ft. hood are go
of that piece. he's now vice president for policy at the texas public policy foundation. he is the author of the texas model, prosperity in the lonestar state and lessons for america. chuck, i kind of had my eye on matt damon on this. matt damon and that goofy movie he had where the school teachers tried to stop everything and you see that kind of crap coming out of hollywood all the time. how do they get away with that? >> because you have a confluence of powerful money and interests and the natural proclivity of hollywood to be against free markets and a socialism for everyone else except for them. in the case of "promise land" the matt damon movie earlier this year that flopped, many people would be surprised to here it was mainly financed by the united arab emirates, the leading nation in opec as far as natural gas exports. >> we're going steal their bacon, that's what's going to happen here. there's no question about that. these hollywood guys instead of standing up for america would rather stand up for abu dhabi. chesapeake energy, okay, major fracker driller, okay, great company, t
, particularly if we look at texas, for example, if we allow their constituents to go without the benefits of health care simply because they have a ideological anxiety about president obama. you know, the fact problem is that you can't get past what should be the most basic fact, which is in a democracy the way it's supposed to work is if you get elected, you're supposed to be held accountable by your constituents for whether or not the policies you make are good for them. in this case, what they have managed to do is to define anything that is anti-obama is good for you, even if in fact it's the opposite. >> and the facts speak -- for example, on obama care, as we call it, and as the president has called it, has given almost a million young people coverage. helped almost 8 million get rebates from their insurance. saves seniors on prescriptions, just on prescription drug costs. these are tangible facts. >> and this is where the republicans are going to have a tough time. now that there has been partial implementation, now rolling back obama care means taking health care away from people.
cuatro heridas en texas. >>> familiares de bomberos caÍdos en cumplimento de su deber en arizona hace dos meses aseguran que han sido engaÑados. honduras se convierte en el escenario de batallass entre narcotraficantes de varios paises, el power ball de esta noche sumÓ nuevos nombres a la lista de millonarios en los estados unidos. >>> a partir de esta semana y durante el receso del congreso un comercial contando la historia de un inmigrante indocumentado va a invadir la televisiÓn para presionar por un apoyo a la reforma migratoria, el comercial filmardo por zuckerberg y otros. >>> habla en inglÉs. >>> para decenas de personas rescatadas de sus hogares debido a las graves inundaciones en tennessee, operaciones en una parte de nashville donde muchos hogares estÁn sin energÍa elÉctrica. >>> son noticia los bomberos que murieron en arizona combatiendo un incendio forestal, familiares aseguran haber sido engaÑados, jaime garcÍa con el testimonio de una de las viudas. >>> nuevamente arde el sur de california, en menos de 24 horas un incendio de maleza fuera de control ha consumido m
jerseys and all the other americans and johnny manziel, you can buy it at texas a&m. today they announced no longer they're going to sell merchandise. so they cancelled that today. one more quick story, we have ae hockey trade, a minor league in the ontario hock laeg traded his own son today. sent his son jake packing to the niagara ice dog for a 12 round pick for 2015. pam, back to you. >>> before we end tonight we are checking back in with kron 4 news, they're following of the breaking news of sandra coke. jr is at the site, what's going on? >> reporter: as the search for sandra coke continues, they have been busy for at least the past two hours or so. they stepped out of the way. you look off, you can see the ie rers and you can see the command center that's been set up here, at least 70 individuals who are out here and working hard and many of them you don't see right now because many of them are in a 3 mile radius and looking just about anywhere you could look in that 3 mile radius in hope of finding this 50-year-old woman who has been missing sunday evening. it is also important to
tener explosivos en su poder. >>> en texas hombre matÓ a cuatro personas e hiriÓ a cuatro mÁs. sospechoso e:b llegÓ a la casa de su ex novia, al no encontrarla asesinÓ a dos personas y dejÓ a dos jovenes heridos, luego se dirigiÓ a otra vivienda en la poblaciÓn de de soto donde lanzÓ un explosivo, al detonar matÓ a dos personas mÁs, dejÓ de disparar cuando se le terminaron las balas, fue a la estaciÓn de policÍa, se hizo pasar por vÍctima y afortunadamente fue arrestado. >>> los amigos de los hermanos tsar tsarnaev fueron acusado de obstruir la justicia durante la investigaciÓn de los hechos, los jovenes recogieron la computadora y la mochila y la lanzaron a un basurero. >>> joven mexicana por tomar la decisiÓn de interrumpir su embarazo de forma in voluntaria sufr sufre. >>> joaquÍn fuentess tiene la historia. >>> hilda es una joven humilde, vive en el centro de mÉxico en el estado de san luis, potosÍ. >>> la metieron a la cÁrcel y la acusaron del delito de aborto en el 2012. >>> necesitaba ayuda de un mÉdico, traia una hemorragia fuerte, entra una mujer qu
earlier that we voted against this public utility. that is not permission to give it to a company in texas under the guise of public power or renewable energy. what's going on here? when someone has to ask that question, it's time to rethink the proposal. thank you for your time. >> thank you. i have a few more cards. if there is a speaker waiting to come forward, please come forward. the next speaker is june, lydia dpree, mark, jed, jeff , brook wayne right. >> hi, thank you for your time. i'm with the local clean energy alliance. i'm here in support of all the potential that clean power sf has for the local development clean energy and local jobs and economic benefits for san francisco. i'm really glad to see everyone here today xhiltd committed to moving this program forward and very happy to see the not to exceed rate to come down to 11.5. i really appreciate all the hard work that lafco and the sf puc staff has done. it's really a victory for them and the groups that have worked with them to bring this rate down. we recognize this is a not to exceed rate. this is a cap. a cap that wi
. >>> the broncos versus the 49ers playing at quarterback, manning and kaepernick. former texas longhorn quarterback colt mccoy came in for the niners. he threw this beautiful long pass straight to denver's mike adams. interception. broncos win, 10-6. >>> finishing out the nfl game, the bengals made it look easy, beating the falcons, 34-10. >>> on to baseball, can someone hand the tigers a broom? detroit is on a 12-game hot streak. they swept the cleveland indians in just four games. next up for the tigers, a-rod and the yankees in new york tonight. >>> on to golf now, the 95th pga championship off to a great start for jim furyk. check out this long birdie putt on the 16th hole. will it get in there? yes, it will. he nails it. furyk shares the lead with adam scott. >>> miami heat star lebron james tweeted this selfie before going to court in ohio to serve jury duty. he wrote, time to serve my civic duty. good guy there. >>> they say timing is everything. look at that. celebrity surfer ramon navaro captured this video of a southern white whale and her calf swimming side by side. definitely don't see
, playing it safe, each only played one series in the game when former texas longhorn quarterback came in for the niners and i am so sad to say he threw this beautiful long pass to mike adams. broncos win 10-6. >>> and finishing out the nfl games, the bangles made it look easy. can someone hand the tigers a broom, please? detroit is on a 12-game hot streak, they swept the cleveland indians in four games. next up the tigers, a-rod and the yankees in new york. on to golf, check out this long birdie put on the 16. will it go in? yes it will. miami star lebron james tweeted a cell feed before going to court in ohio to serve jury duty. he wrote, time to do my civic dutiy. >> celebrity surf era moan davara captured the video of a southern white whale and her calf swimming side by side. you don't see that every day. you don't see this every day, they got down and dirty at the fifth annual combine -- drivers take out their old harvesters trying to be the last one standing. that looks kind of dangerous, those are pretty big items there. >> who knew such a thing existed. >> you got to have some
in texas. in the southeast, we're going to have more typical afternoon variety storms out there. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up. but if you're in the southeast, probably not going to like me much. tease your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. a lot of people are saying what happened to summer? where is summer? when is it going to feel like summer? in the southeast where it's been raining and cool much of the summer, that looks to continue this weekend. i apologize for that. still very hot, though, in the desert southwest. that heat wave we had three or four weeks ago seems like a long time now. >> it seems like every couple of years you have a summer that's a best. which i hate. >> you love it. you're in your glory for those three weeks. >>> what are you going to do. >>> a facebook murder confession complete with pictures. the president prepare toes meet the test and a sobriety test unlike anything we've seen. was he sober or just pretending? not pretending very well. >> i like it. >>> welcome back. president obama will meet the press this a
to be put inside a mountain in texas. it will chime once a century. a kind of hello to the infin it in future. from a guy who loves the infin it in possibilities right now. >> we love the pioneer. we even like going down alleys that turn out to be blind alleys. every once in awhile, one of those blind alleys opens up into a broad avenue. >> and so we choose the aston h astonishing jeff bezos. we thank you for watching. "20/20" tonight in this week of lotto fever, how to get lucky and stay lucky. >>> and david mere, here this weekend. good night.
, extra!" >> all right i am with the family who watches in houston, texas, you guys want to help me out with this one? >> sure. >> go ahead. >> here is tonight's "extra, extra!"! >> "ex jennifer aniston's egg d surprise to conan o'brien. >> i'm giving them to you. >> wow. >> the "we're the millers" star giving him an egg from the flock of chickens that she and justin theroux inherited when they bought their bel air >> we were excited they weren't taking the chickens. they told us what to feed them and what they require. like pasta. >> you're feeding your chickens pasta? >> hey, man, i did what i was told. >> sharon stone taking over the grove for the annual kyles kyles fundraiser for aides research. >> today they gave us a check for $150,000. so we like them a lot today. we celebrating. >> big weekend fornew movie "lo today. >> it's a bittersweet week for "glee's" darren criss. he is set to host sunday's teen awards with "pretty little liars" actress lucy hale and returned to the set since cory monteith's shocking death last month. >> putting the best foot forward as one can. it back t
jersey. and there are several other newly minted millionaires today. in colorado, texas and oklahoma, power ball ticket holders earned a 2 million dollar prize. and there were one million dollar winners in a total of 16 states. as for white he says he's been bank on this win for a while -- banking on this win for a while and something he joked about in a game with his siblings. >> the description was the financial plan was consisting of playing the lottery and everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. whose right now? >> reporter: he says one of the first purchases will be a 63 impala for his 80-year-old dad and as for the stores who sold the winning ticket the lottery has bonuses for them and thisstop and shop will donate 309,000 dollars mmunity. lindsey davis abc news. >>> lends yea -- lindsey reported winners in other state. lottery officials say one million dollar ticket was sold at dunkirk fast stop on southern maryland boulevard the 8th, 2nd tier power ball ticket sold in maryland this year. time for a check on the weather. it doesn't feel like we hit the jac
extraordinary. that is not uncommon in texas to have long strings of warm weather. this has been persistent heat. for us we are in the sun and watching this field of cumulus clouds. those are the ones that might produce scattered thunderstorms. look at this we have had 2.96 in. of rain since july. the normal is quite a bit more than that. this ranks among the driest 27% all year since july 1st to occur here in 142 years of data. only 64% of average. that is why we have been hearing from folks that it is a little bit dry. rainfall projections but is around half an inch. the amounts never fall evenly. that is assault normal amount of rent. and this summer that has also been a little cooler than average. 6.7 degrees cooler than last summer. only 7¢ a degree below the historic average for summer. it has been a near normal for summer. it seems cool. june july and august have all shown slight deficits. normal highs in the low 80s. these are the 24-hour temperature increases. you could see the wind blowing lightly from the west about single digit philosophies. we will have the pollen count for you. th
lost every single day. it was a beautiful thing. i went from boston to florida, across to texas, into new orleans, down into mexico, eventually finished up coming across the golden gate bridge. and with so many stories this is the thing. everybody had a story to tell. this was the beautiful thing about america too. people were open and gracious and kind. i didn't sleep one single night in a hotel. i either camped out in a forest or by the river or people invited me into their homes. and it was just sort of fantastic. >> stephen: it is the accent you realize, it is disarming. it's a leprechaun what can possibly do to us. (applause) >> i know. >> stephen: well, colum mccann, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> stephen: colum mccann, the book is transatlantic. we'll be right back. thank you. xi @ bf7É')ia3;b!,x8=pxçuçuçu;u:u:Ñ
aÑos . >>> iria en un auto nissan de c color azul , y se podrÍa ir a e texas o canada cualquier inf informaciÓn llamar a las auto d autoridades correspondientes . >>> un penadolescente fue el a violador de una niÑa de 4 aÑitos el depredador de 14 aÑos fue c p captado por una cÁmara y el v e video ayudo cÓmo informados en primer impacto la menor fue u r ultrajada dentro de un tubvo d j juegos en otro caso de cerca aquÍ presentaron cargos con a g amigos del sospechoso del ate a atentado en la maraton boston , los estudiantes de 19 aÑos eran compaÑeros de estudio y los a acusan de conspiracion y obstr c obstrucciopn de la justicia en o ocultar evidencias y podrÍan f enen enfrentar una condena de 25 aÑos de cÁrcel . >>> gre poracias por estar c e primer impacto hay una contro r controversia entre ricky martÍn y nihenrique capin y nicolÁs maduro . >>> pailulina rubio , ya no esa chica dorada y s la pregunta r sobre su supuesto embarazo . >>> estamos en twitter , f facebook instagram y en primer m gracias ya volvemos no se vaya (♪). >> bue
and kidnapping a teenage girl. authorities in oregon and washington as well as texas and canada, have been warned that james dimaggio may be heading their way. meanwhile investigators say he may have switched vehicles leaving his blue nissan versa rigged with explosives. now the focus on hannah anderson. the bodies of her mother and 8-year-old boy likely identified as her brother were found at di m maj -- dimaggio's home. some believe dimaggio's infatuation with hannah, the 16-year-old may keep her alive. >> jim is sick enough in the head, he has so much love for her he won't hurt her. >> i have high hopes she is okay and out there some where. >> police say they have no confirmed sightings of the two. dimaggio is an avid outdoorsman. campers and hikers are urged to be on the lookout. >> firefighters gaining ground on a wildfire in riverside county. the silver fire has burned more than 11,000 acres since it started one day ago. 1,000 firefighters fighting the blaze. residents are using garden hoses to help in the fight. as many as 30 homes have been damaged or destroyed. four firefighters suffered
. rangers claimed the waivers and played in three-game series but he never played at all for texas. today the a's acquired him off of waivers. kind of funny. routing for the a's and wayne week they fired up to be a texas ranger now back with the a's. >> thanks larry very much. that is this edition for abc news at 9:00. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. "abc 7 news" continues online, facebook and all your mobile devices with our new apgs. we'll see you on channel 7 at 11:00. mac: you accidentally burn down a building, and you get 120 hours of community service? now this says that i got to work with kids. - yeah, me, too. - now, i don't like kids. yeah, i have 248 hours of, uh... interstate. inter... interstate. sanitation.
for rosales. waived by the athletics, claimed by texas. but never played an inning for texas. now the a's reclaim the slugger. >>> and final major tournament the pga championship. 99 of the top 100 golfers including tiger is at oak hill country club. wood started in the back nine. 2-1 to par after nine. burr on this final hole of the day the ninth. tiger hit the beach. he had a tough time getting out. not a happy guy as he finishes with a double bogey. shot a one over 71. both tiger and phil mickelson are six shots off the lead. aging veteran ties on the lead on the seventh hole of his day. adam scott are tied at five under 65. but there's three more round to go. that is sports as we see it. giants win, a's are idle. beat the 49ers back ups 10 to six. >> raiders and matt flint. >> absolutely. it'll be on our station. >> thanks mark. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. before we go a live look at the police command center. thousands are conducting a search for sandra coke. she's the woman missing from oakland. >> we will stay on top of developments. we will also postupdate
it's been for rosales. waived by the athletics, claimed by texas. but never played an inning for texas. now the a's reclaim the slugger. >>> and final major tournament the pga championship. 99 of the top 100 golfers including tiger is at oak hill country club. wood started in the back nine. 2-1 to par after nine. burr on this final hole of the day the ninth. tiger hit the beach. he had a tough time getting out. not a happy guy as he finishes with a double bogey. shot a one over 71. both tiger and phil mickelson are six shots off the lead. aging veteran ties on the lead on the seventh hole of his day. adam scott are tied at five under 65. but there's three more round to go. that is sports as we see it. giants win, a's are idle. beat the 49ers back ups 10 to six. >> raiders and matt flint. >> absolutely. it'll be on our station. >> thanks mark. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. before we go a live look at the police command center. thousands are conducting a search for sandra coke. she's the woman missing from oakland. >> we will stay on top of developments. we
the underlying issue what they're doing with abortion but the financial malfeasance. we have instances in texas, in washington state, in new york, fraudulent billing, improper dispensation of drug, other false claimsing at settlements, so they don't want to admit wrongdoing so they settle for $4.3 million in texas. >> yeah. you're absolutely right, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg of what's going on and what's going on across the country in planned parenthood clinics. this abuse of taxpayer dollars. really what's truly astonishing if you think about it, this is a global billion-dollar corporation, and there's not another global billion-dollar corporation that would get away with this, that would have this kind of abuse, known abuse inside it, and it wouldn't be, you know, the front page story for weeks at "the new york times" or have occupy wall street making a huge deal about it. so what my question is why is the abortion industry, why is the nation's -- >> special treatment. >> exactly. why are they getting a pass? i don't understand. >> no, no. kellie this is a sackry sankt rig
folks who are not naturalized and naturalize half of them, those are the gains we would get. in texas, it is about $1 billion to $2 billion per year if you can move naturalization rates up. it is money we are leaving on the floor. >> you take half of the 8.5 million that could naturalize, you get up to $45 billion, over what amount of time? >> over 10 years. one of the things you need to realize is -- by the way if there are anybody who got naturalized this morning, don't ask for 11% tomorrow. that gain happens over time. five to six years to get the initial boost. it probably peaks at eight to 10 years. what we know is that what we do now is assimilate over time. this is an incredibly important thing. we who have been working with immigrants need to do more to encourage naturalization. we need to be thinking what stands in the way. >> we are coming back to that. you are the executive director of the national immigration forum, leading the new bethlehem project to help people become citizens. talk where manuel was going. what are the obstacles? why is this a hard process and what is g
-pressure system is continuing to stay in place across texas, louisiana. that is why we expect more flooding. we've picked up over a foot of rain in some of these areas, flashing flood warnings. expected today into tomorrow. >>steve: thank you very much. another soggy day here in new york city as is the case for 16 years on "fox & friends" when we have summer interns, winter interns on their last day of work, we put them on television. let me introduce you to this intern. she wants to do sports. >> the ncaa is getting out of the jersey business. the decision was made after seeing memorabilia for individual schools for the ncaa web site. he says the site is only supposed to carry generic items. the announcement comes days after johnny manziel was accused of selling some of his jerseys force $7, 500, a violation of the ncaa policy. being lebron james gets a lot of perks but skipping jury duty is not one of them. the star posted this photo to insta tkpwraeupl with the caption -- instagram, jury duty time. tony stuart broke his leg in a car sprint crash. doctors say stewart needs a second surgery. h
radical islam. >>> to texas and a shooting spree in dallas that left four dead. the funman was a 44-year-old special education teacher and former member of a hip hop dance troop that performs at dallas mavericks games. the women he killed were his e stranged wife, his girlfriend. he shot four people, killing two and went to desoto, texas threw a bomb and shot four more people, killing two others. some of the victims are children. he is now in custody. police say he has been difficult to interview so far. >>> charges for two canadian men in connection with a tragic sexual assault and a bullying case. the 17-year-old died in april after attempting suicide. she had been raped by four boys in 2011 and pictures of her were shared online. the two 18-year-old men who have not been identified are charged with making and distributing child pornography. >>> the seemingly never ending michael jackson wrongful death trial may go on longer. she doesn't expect them to begin deliberations until late september. it's five months after they started. one juror moved and replaced with an august. the judge s
states, maybe not in texas, -- in a state like new york there is a prohibition on discriminating on age class. >> neil: are you kidding me? >> you don't have to go to that restaurant. now, you might find it offensive, the whole thing, about now you're going to get a lawsuit over it when he owner is saying i just don't want kids here. then you're taking things out of control? >> not taking it out of control. you're telling me, have my kid, soon to be born, i'm going to make life hell for you, and that kid's first statement is going to be, hi, my mom is a lawyer. >> in some states, some municipalities they have he's ordinances, and is this discrimination to root out children with physical or enemy disability? >> neil: come on. >> this is happening. hooter's restaurants. they're not blatantly saying no kid allowed but you can understand parents know, not many kids are in that restaurant. >> neil: what's the problem? >> what's the problem? >> neil: there's a problem. >> a restaurant with a child's menu -- do they have kids' menus at hooters? >> they don't. >> when they have children menus a
. >>> additional charges are filed against the texas man accused of killing four people, injuring four others in separate attacks. vic is in the newsroom with more on this for us. vic? >> reporter: well, mary. erbie bowser, reportedly shot his wife and her two daughters and two other kids. he also went to his estranged wife, killing her and her two boys. he also injured others at the time. he worked for years as a special education teacher. a family member identified him in a lineup. >> the suspect is being held in the dallas county jail. detective the say he is not cooperating. >>> well, prosecutors are nearing the end of the sentencing phase in the court- martial of army private bradley manning. prosecutors have been cawrging manning's actions put two people in danger. the defense will start presenting on monday. manning faces up to 90 years for releasing classified information through the website wikileaks. >>> the obesity rate for one group of kids is showing signs for improvement. monique griego has more on the new study and what parents need to know. >> reporter: while childhood obese h
invited the family over. told them that his home was foreclosed on. that he was moving to texas and that he just wanted to say good-bye. family members say that is the last time they heard from hannah and her brother and her mother. more and more friend say hannah was creeped out by dimaggio, saying he was infatuated by her. her father says while they're waiting on dna results and hoping hannah is okay and he is still trying to absorb everything that has happened in the last week. >> i believe the hardest thing emotionally is still to come when i have to go and start, cleaning out their apartments and rooms. >> reporter: "the l.a. times" is now reporting that hannah's mom may have died from a blunt force trauma. and they say she could have been killed with a crowbar before that home was ever set on fire. jenna. jenna: our hearts go out to that father. will, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. kelly: reports that actress amanda bynes could be headed back to court. she has been held in a psychiatric hospital after some bizarre behavior. what a she plans to ask a judge now
to texas because his home had been foreclosed on. and fast forward to sunday night, dimaggio's home burned to the ground and inside investigators found hannah's mother's body and what many believe is the body of her brother, ethan, waiting or dna results and hannah's mom burned from blunt trauma, possibly killed by a crowbar and the fire was possibly started by some kind of homemade bomb and why police think dimaggio may be traveling with other homemade bombs and his car could potentially be boob y trapped. and hannah's friends say she said he creeped her out and he wanted to date her if they were the same age and went to hollywood for her 16th birthday and apparently she went by herself with him and dimaggio is an avid outdoorsman and loves to camp and potentially they could be an isolated area which could flow into what's going on in idaho but we don't have enough details, trying to find out what's going on in valley county, idaho. as we get those details we will bring them to you. greg, back to you. >> will carlyle in los angeles, thank thanks. >> more concerns over the implementation o
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